Collection: Watch strap Metal & Mesh

Our mesh watch straps are made from stainless steel threads processed into a characteristic net look that contributes to a rugged or sophisticated look, depending on the tightness.

Mesh-type watch bands grew in popularity during the 1970s and were advantageously combined into an Omega Seamaster Ploproof 600m, a watch made to withstand great pressure during diving. The watch's mesh strap was marketed as "shark proof" (shark-proof) and thus got the name shark mesh. In 2016, shark mesh watch straps received another boost with Omega launching the Seamaster Ploproof 1200m, which is a sequel and homage to the 1970s icon. The new mesh band was then also upgraded with a diver extension up to 26mm to fit on top of a wetsuit.

The finer mesh version of mesh tape is often called Milanese Mesh and has been around for much longer. Named after the Italian city of Milan (en/it Milan), the technology has had a variety of uses for several hundred years before being applied to watch bands in recent years. Milanese mesh watch bands are a true classic and were particularly popular in the 1920s. A denser mesh bracelet is therefore perfectly suited to a vintage watch as a complement to a leather or nylon watch strap.

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