Collection: US Military Watch Straps

Explore our unique US Military NATO bands ("USM NATO bands"), inspired by the American military specification for watch straps (US Military MIL-S-46383). This streamlined variant of the classic NATO band is perfect for those who prefer a narrower and simpler alternative to the traditional NATO band. Our USM NATO bands stand out with a design that minimizes height, as they are crafted as a single piece that easily threads under the watch.

Crafted from durable premium woven nylon, our USM NATO bands are complemented by a stainless steel buckle and a loop/keeper made of the same material and color as the nylon weave. This simple design has a length of approximately 27 centimeters. To ensure a perfect fit, our USM NATO bands feature carefully sealed holes, making them adjustable for most wrist sizes.

USM NATO bands are our personal favorites and are equally suitable for a sporty Rolex as they are for a modern suit watch. Order today and enjoy the perfect combination of style and functionality.

In this category, you'll find a selection of our USM bands, also known as "original NATO" or "single pass NATO bands," which are made in one piece without the extra flap that secures the watch, giving the USM bands a lower profile similar to that of a 3-ring NATO band.