Watch straps made of leather

We update you on the best leather watch bands you can buy. Not all leather watch bands are of the same quality, and every day new options appear!

We watch fans often categorize watch bands into several well-established types by style and material (nato band, zulu band, leather, rubber, etc.) it is indeed a simplification to categorize all leather watch bands in one and the same category. There are so many different types of leather (full grain, top grain, nubuck, suede, cordovan etc). We therefore see a need for additional categories to differentiate leather watch bands.

Categorize leather watch bands better!

All these factors dictate the type of leather watch band we are talking about. Below are 11 of our favorite leather watch bands.


One of the most innovative leather watch bands we've ever seen. This beautiful watch bracelet is handmade by Jean Paul Meniccuci, especially for Dutch Bulang & Sons. The watch strap is made of a cool denim-colored leather with cream-colored edge stitching. This watch bracelet goes perfectly with an everyday beater and a pair of jeans. Available in sizes between 18 and 22mm. You will hardly find a more unique watch bracelet!

Price: SEK 1,200


Watch bracelet from Bas & Lokes in light gray suede

A fantastic watch strap from Australian manufacturer Bas & Lokes which is by far one of the most comfortable leather straps we have ever used. The suede leather on this watch strap is so smooth that you hardly notice it's on your wrist. Additional details include edge paint in a gray color and seams in gray waxed linen. With many options available on each of their watch bands, it is possible to customize a Bas & Lokes watch band based on your watch and wrist.

Price: SEK 1,600


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